Interested in getting your hands dirty and addressing an environmental issue? Mantis can give you the skills and discussion to get your project off the ground. The base price of each workshop is $125 plus materials and taxes. Explore the workshops below and contact us at any time for more information or to book your workshop.

Solar Energy

Students are exposed to the practical use of solar panels in their everyday life. They will get the chance to explore 5V, 6V and 12V systems both with direct applications and energy storage.

(Materials cost = $5/student)

Wind Energy

Students work to understand the practical and technical issues involved in the installation and use of a wind turbine. This workshop exposes students to the history and application of wind turbines and will include a small installation. Download the workshop outline here.

(Materials cost = $7/student)


Interested in growing plants in your classroom or home? This hands on workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn how to install and maintain a basic hydroponics system. They will address plants' lighting, nutrient and water needs.

(Materials cost = $7/student)


The merging of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics brings benefits to both sides. This workshop gives students the chance to build a basic aquaponics set-up while exploring the biological needs of fish and plants.  Download the workshop outline here.

(Materials cost = $7/student)

The Sustainable Island

Bring the world of planning alive with this great interactive workshop. Participants design a miniature sustainable society addressing questions of power consumption, agriculture, resource extraction and transport. This workshop explores the environmental, social and economic implications of sustainable development.  Download the workshop outline here.

(Materials cost = $1/student)

Specialized Workshops

Do you have a special interest related to the environment or sustainability. Let us know, we'll develop a workshop based on your interests and needs.

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