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1691 Boulevard Pie-IX
Montréal, QC, H1V 2C3

(438) 837-6763

Mantis Environmental is dedicated to providing sustainability solutions to businesses individuals and educational institutions. We do this through consultation, education and EcoAdventures. If you are interested in making your organization greener, Mantis is your best choice for clear, practical and feasible solutions.


Corporate Services

Mantis offers several services for businesses looking to improve their environmental impact. Each of these training session can be taken individually or as part of a workshop series as you develop your green strategies. They are adapted to your team, their capacity and their interests, ensuring everyone gets the most from this investment in sustainability.

Our goal is to provide hands on guided activities to help build your team while learning about sustainability. Explore the options below and find a service that meets your needs. Pricing depends on group size and specific objectives, please contact us for a quote.


Introduction to Sustainability

The goals and application of sustainability often gets lost in its terminology and marketing. This training session clarifies what sustainability mean, how to implement and measure it. This a great way to bring your team together in a thoughtful and green way

Green Wall

Team members design and install a simple living wall.

Throughout the training session employees will explore the advantages of vegetation in the office and strategies to make decisions and share tasks together. The gorgeous green wall will remain after the workshop to improve the atmosphere of the office and to serve as a living reminder everyone of our green goals. (additional charges for materials)


Renewable Energy

Learn the basicis of renewable energy by building or installing your own system.

Interested in solar, wind or hydro? We provided the opportunity for teams to build demonstration systems together learning not just the theory but the practical aspects of these technologies.


Team members design and install a mini-aquaponics system.

The training session introduces employees to a systems approach to sustainability, examining natural cycles that can be models for our sustainable business systems. After the training session the office will also be the owner of a beautiful aquaponics system providing growing inspiration. (additional charges for materials) 


Many larger companies companies have full time sustainability managers, coordinators or even complete departments. We understand that small businesses do not have this luxury and that budgets are quite limited. Mantis environmental offers you the opportunity to have one of our consultants as your specialist when needed.

Whether you need expert advice for a particular project, or want to implement a sustainability strategy in your company, we have a solution for you. Contact us to discuss how this could work for your business.

Sustainability Plan

Looking for something a little more in depth? We offer a suite of possibilities as part of a complete sustainability plan. Interesting in becoming a B-Corp or reporting according to GRI standards? Mantis can walk you through the process and get you to where you want to be as an organization. Regardless of the industry, increasingly clients are looking for sustainable choices. Mantis will help you to be that choice, ensuring that you meet your goals and provide your clients with all the options they need. Contact us to learn more about building a sustainability plan.


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(438) 837-6763

Montréal, Québec