5 mars - Meliponas

Today, we started the day with a long, dwindling road into the heart of Jinotega. In a small schoolbus with untinted windows through which people can stare, we packed fifteen sunburnt kids, a few adults, and a few children. After an early awakening, the two hour ride led us to a small farm covered in beautiful flowers and harmless bees. The sun was blaring on a soft bed of grass where we learned about their importance in the ecosystem, tasted their delicious nectar and then ate fried bananas, beans, rice, and sweet coffee.

Suite à notre retour en ville, notre groupe s’est séparé en deux; quand quelques uns de nous ont choisit de visiter la ville qui nous entourait, les autres ont monté la montagne adjacente au village pour apprécier la vue en cette merveilleuse journée ensoleillée. Nous nous sommes retrouvés quelques temps plus tard pour souper dans une merveilleuse salle autour d’une table en forme de U. Là, nous nous sommes rendus à l’auberge l’Oklahoma afin d’apprécier un souper « à l’américaine » consistant de ribs et de poulet BBQ.


The culmination of our supper led us back out onto the street to discover the quaint town once again. While some of us didn’t immediately find what we were looking for, others took one for the team and resorted to plan B which consisted of getting lost in the suburbs of an already small town.

6 mars - sabana grande

4 mars - Kilimanjaro