Our elementary school workshops are adaptable to your group, their level and interest. We aim to have hands on workshops that engage students and encourage them to explore the world in a fun way. Browse through the options below for the perfect workshop for you. To book please contact us any time. Each workshop is $125 plus materials and taxes.

Butterflies in the Garden

Butterflies are a wonderful creature to explore with your students. This workshop gives students a chance to explore specific plants that are beneficial to butterflies and other pollinators. At the end of this workshop we will leave you with a family of caterpillars and all the knowledge your students need to follow them through their growth and metamorphoses into butterflies.

The Wonderful World of Worms

Vermicomposting gives students a chance to understand how important this small wriggly friend is to many ecosystems. Watch decomposition through the eyes of a worm with your very own vermicomposting system. During this workshop students will build a vermicomposting system and learn all they need to care for it.

The City of Bugs

Our city is full of critters of many shapes and sizes. Students will learn about the lifecycle of a few of our favourites including: bumblebees, mason bees, butteflies and wasps. On top of that students will build insect shelters that can be installed in the yard to encourage these important insect friends.

Ecosystem in a Bottle

This hands on workshop gives every student the chance to build their very own ecosystem in a bottle. As they watch their ecosystem decompose, sprout, grow and change you will have a great chance to talk about nutrient, water and air cycles. All this, plus students will have a beautiful living ecosystem to hold onto for years to come.

For more information or for special requests please don't hesistate to get in touch: greg@themantis.ca or 438 837 6763.