Getting started in green technologies can seem difficult or complicated and we've been working to help people get over this first step. Our workshops and training in green technology have been working well, but space is limited. We can't get to everyone and often people don't have the chance to take part.

This is why we've decided to launch a series of  Mantis products and at the heart of these products our 'Green Tech Kits'. These complete kits give anyone the chance to learn and train yourself at home in green technologie. Completely accessible to all you curious folks its time to get started on the adventure with one of these three kits:


This is the chance to learn the basics of photovoltaics, electricity and soldering. With this kit you'll get started in green energy and at the end you'll have a solar usb charger for the beach, camping or the mountains.

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Whether you're in an appartement or a house you can now grow plants all year long with your new knowledge and skills in hydroponics !

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A green wall to improve your growing skills and to bring a little more life into the house. Build this mini indoor jungle yourself and personnalise it to your tastes.

Every kit contains all the necessary elements for the success of your project as well as an instructional video and detailed written instructions. 

We've wrapped up the campaign and we'll soon launch our online store. If you want to get in on the bottom floor