Our Team


Gregory lynch

Mantis was founded and is run by Gregory Lynch an environmental entrepreneur based in Montreal. Gregory holds a Masters of Sustainable Development from the University of Luxembourg and has been working to help individuals, organizations and educational institutions to engage with sustainability in a practical and meaningful way. His work experience has had him work with non-profits, businesses, families, farms and students of all ages in Canada and abroad.


Photo Margaux ISMAN.jpg

margaux isman

Margaux has an engineering degree from France. The environment has always been the field in which she wanted to specialize, with her master's degree in environmental engineering she is making this wish come true. She has always been involved in related work and is currently a volunteer for La Remise - bibliothèque d'outils. She loves to tinker and will be happy to build sustainable systems with you.


our animation team

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devon Hardy

Devon has a extensive background in environmental sciences, water resources management and clean energy finance, and has worked with organizations such as the International Water Association (IWA) and Future Earth. She has a DIY spirit and loves to find creative ways to make her home and life more beautiful, sustainable and practical.