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1691 Boulevard Pie-IX
Montréal, QC, H1V 2C3

(438) 837-6763

Mantis Environmental is dedicated to providing sustainability solutions to businesses individuals and educational institutions. We do this through consultation, education and EcoAdventures. If you are interested in making your organization greener, Mantis is your best choice for clear, practical and feasible solutions.


Welcome to the Mantis Media Page. We will occasionally share our articles here about sustainability issues. Some of these articles are published and hosted here while others will link to other sites. To keep up to date on our media and other great sustainability topics "like" us on Facebook.


Divestment - A strategy for a green future?

Gregory Lynch

Divestment is an old idea that ebbs and flows with the desires, ethics and motivations of our culture. Often discussed in tandem with boycotts, divestment remains vague in the minds of many people. Boycotting is the consumer refusing to purchase from a company they oppose; divestment is the investor refusing to give their money to a company they oppose...