Mantis Environmental works to enhance environmental education in schools and community groups. Toward this goal we are developing small dowloadable workshop for your classroom or home.

Please feel free to use these resources at home, in schools or in your community group. Of course, we are always happy to hear from you, so let us know what you think and what you need. These resources are offered freely so they should not be used for profit and they remain the property of Mantis Environmental.



Your Solar USB Kit

Here is a video describing how to construct your very own solar USB panel. Interested in buying the kit?  Download the pdf instructions here:

Seed Collecting

It’s the fall and what better time of year for a little walk outdoors with your class? This simple activity will give you and your students the chance to explore a variety of scientific themes great for any age and every science curriculum. Download the workshop description here and the pdf version of the poster here.

Seed Collecting.jpg

Ecosystem in a Bottle

Looking for a winter activity. Why not grow a mini-ecosystem in your classroom? Follow these simple directions and you've got an activity for all of your students that will bring joy and curiosity all year long.

Mini Waste Audit

Here's a simple monthly activity you can do in any class regardless of the level. Have students engage with the waste they produce and the systems we use to manage it. Download the Pdf of the poster here and the description (with resources) here.

Introduction to Hydroponics


Here is the outline of the workshop. Interested in hosting the workshop, get in touch any time.


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