Our secondary workshops are hands on activities directly linked to the secondary curriculum in Québec. The base price is $125 plus materials and taxes. For more details on each workshop download the pdf summary. To book or for more information contact us at any time.

Technological Universe

USB solar panel

Students are exposed to the practical application of physics, mathematics and astronomy. This workshop allows students to understand how solar energy works and why it is important. During the workshop, students will have the opportunity to design and build small demonstration panels to see the technology at work in their hands. Download the workshop outline here.

Small scale Wind Energy

Students explore the physics and mathematics involved in the design, installation and use of a wind turbine. This workshop exposes students to the history and application of wind turbines and will include building of small scale wind turbines. Download the workshop outline here.  

Living Universe


The merging of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics brings benefits to both sides. This workshop gives students the chance to build a basic aquaponics set-up while exploring the biological needs of fish and plants. The basic biochemistry in this workshop is accessible to all students while stimulating for advanced science students.  Download the workshop outline here.


During this workshop, we will discuss the set-up and maintenance of a small and affordable hydroponics ystem designed for an apartment. This workshop is a great launching point to explore the lighting, growth medium, and nutrient requirements of any hydroponics system.

Social Science

The Sustainable Island

Bring the world of planning alive with this great interactive workshop. Designed for social science classes, students will design a miniature sustainable society addressing questions of power consumption, agriculture, resource extraction and transport. This workshop explores the environmental, social and economic implications of sustainable development. Download the workshop outline here.

Specialized Workshops

Hoping to meet a curriculum requirement related to the environment or sustainability. Let us know, we'll develop a workshop based on your needs.

For further information and to book your workshop please contact info@themantis.ca