Corporate Services

Larger companies have started to have specialized sustainable development teams and include addressing environmental issues in the business plans. We understand that small businesses have limited budgets and resources even when they are motivated to be environmentally responsible.

Whether you need advice for a particular project or you're hoping to put into place a sustainable development plan in your business, we have a solution for you.

You'll find below the services we offer below and if you need something specific please get in touch and we would be happy to adapt to your needs.

Objective: Carbon Neutrality

Mantis Environnementale offers support in reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and eventually getting to a carbon neutrality. To reach your goal of carbon neutrality we offer two different services:

  • Assistance and recommendations on the purchase of carbon credits

  • Development and facilitation of compensatory projects.

Mantis Environnementale offers support in reducing your waste stream and eventually getting to zero waste.

  • To reach the goal of 'Zero Waste', we work with the principals of the 3 R's+

  • Reducing the production of waste

  • Focus on re-using and re-purposing materials

  • Recuperate and recycle

  • Bring new value to your waste (compost, secondary products, tertiary markets)

Mantis offers a suite of team building activities linked to the environment. Looks through our community workshops to get an idea as to what is available. We’ll be happy to adapt any activity to your specific goals.

 Objective: Sustainable Development Plan

Mantis Environnementale is driven by the three pillers of sustainable development: environment, society and economy; satisfying societies needs today without compromising our future needs.

To develop your own sustainable development plan, we work with you to set specific goals and determine an environmental, a social and an economic plan to get there.