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Montréal, QC, H1V 2C3

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Mantis Environmental is dedicated to providing sustainability solutions to businesses individuals and educational institutions. We do this through consultation, education and EcoAdventures. If you are interested in making your organization greener, Mantis is your best choice for clear, practical and feasible solutions.


Your Solar USB Kit

We're launching a Kickstarter campaign for our first educational product the Solar USB Kit. Interested in supporting us? Pledge on Kickstarter

Solar USB kit ready to go!

Solar USB kit ready to go!

Over the next few decades our global society must work together to transform our energy system to be more sustainable - that means moving away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy

Solar energy is increasing becoming an important part of energy production and in order for us to combat climate change it needs to become a major part of the global energy system. In our day to day lives we are seeing solar installations in our in our communities on roofs, in neighbours yards as well as on the large scale. That being said, how often do we really think about this energy and what it means as a technology and what it means for our society?

Another solar workshop with a local group.

Another solar workshop with a local group.

Over the last couple of years one of the most popular activities we’ve been doing is'Build Your Own Solar Panel'. Because of its success we have decided to bring it to you on kickstarter.

This is the solar energy kit. It has been designed for anyone to learn the basics of solar energy on a small scale, soldering and some simple electronics. Once the kit is set up, each step is laid out simply to ensure your success.


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The kit comes with all the materials and tools you need to make a 5V solar panel with a small battery and a USB connection so you can then charge any of your USB devices.

Whether you’re a students a teacher or anyone else for that matter this is a great way to try your hand at basic electronics, learn about renewable energy and open the door to the thousands of DIY projects that are possible to you.

Interested in getting a kit and supporting the project? Pledge on Kickstarter!