An evening with Mantis

An evening with Mantis

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An evening of fun and learning with friends ? Why not host a workshop at home ? Choose your favourite workshop, invite your fiends and enjoy ! Contact us for more information.

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Workshop Descriptions


Our gardens have frozen over and the snow is starting to fall but we can still produce food at home! We will discuss the set-up and maintenance of a small and affordable hydroponics system designed for an apartment. This workshop is a great launching point to explore the lighting, growth medium, and nutrient requirements of any hydroponics system.


This mixture of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics brings benefits to both techniques. This workshop gives participants the opportunity to build a basic aquaponic system in which they can grow ornamental plants or vegetables and herbs while enjoying the beauty of aquarium fish.

Solar ‘off-grid’

Ever wanted to install a small Solar PV system but don’t know where to start ? Join us to see how you can use solar energy for a variety of small projects at home. This workshop will demonstrate the components you need to install your own system with hands on examples and explanations. We will explore the many applications direct solar installations as well as of a simple a simple 12V system with battery storage and an inverter.

Green Wall

Interested in building a green wall but not sure how to get started? During this workshop you'll learn all that you need to build your first green wall inside or outside. You'll get a chance to work hands on with all the materials you need including the structure, felt, watering system and substrates. As in our other workshops this one is practical so you'll get a chance to help out too.

Build your own USB charger

Interested in solar energy and looking to learn a little more. Do you want to learn something practical and finish the day with a fun new gadget? Sign up today for ‘Solar energy - build a USB solar panel’. During this workshop, you will learn the very basics of solar energy as well as electronic soldering, plus you'll build a 5V panel to charge your cell phone. Space is limited so sign up today.