Off-grid solar - design and installation

Like last summer, we are offering a two-day solar energy training. We will learn how to design and install your own off-grid system.


The course is theorical (30%) and practical (70%).

The theory

  • Safety,
  • Direct vs alternating current,
  • Parallel and series curcuits,
  • Voltage, current, wattage, etc,
  • How to size your system.

The practical

Over the two days we will work together to install a 12V/250W system. Participants will use the tools and techniques necessary to install, measure and maintain the system including: solar panels, cables, fuses, breakers, a charge controller, batteries and an invertor.

Les participants auront l’occasion d’utiliser tous les composants et les outils nécessaires pour faire une installation dont : panneaux solaires, câblages, fusibles, disjoncteurs, contrôleurs de charge, batteries et onduleurs.

useful informations


price : 200$ for general
              150$ for students
the course is limited to 12 people.

date and time : August 18 and 19
                                from 9:30am to 4pm

where : Le Virage,
                6590 avenue Durocher
                Outremont, H2V 3Z3

access :  10 min walking from Parc station (blue line)
                  15 min walking from Outremont station (blue line) and
                                               from Beaubien station (orange line)

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